September 2020 Newsletter: MANATEE software V2, e-NVH online training program, updated video content

MANATEE software news

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Brand new version 2.0

EOMYS is intensively working on a brand new version of MANATEE software called MANATEE V2.

MANATEE V2 is being developed with Python in a powerful Object-Oriented Programming approach. Compared to previous versions, MANATEE V2 does not require third-party software such as Matlab. A brand new graphic user interface will be proposed. A lot of work has been done to make it more intuitive and user friendly.
e-NVH customer consulting support, already included in our leasing offers, will still be available.

Screen capture MANATEE V2
Screen capture MANATEE V2

New e-NVH online training program

EOMYS complete Online Training on acoustic noise and vibrations due to electromagnetic forces in electrical machines will be held soon: September 29th to October 20th.

The training is made for both electrical engineers and mechanical / NVH engineers.

The training is composed of 7 modules which can be booked independently. Registration and purchase can be done on our dedicated training website. Several discounts are offered depending on how many modules are ordered. All training access information are provided after the registration process.

Note that there is a limited number of participants for each module.

We also propose private technical talks on our training website. They are appropriate if some certain training contents need to be discussed or deepened in person after a general online training with several participants. It may be the opportunity to share more details about your specific application and discuss specific vibro-acoustic issues in the light of EOMYS experience.

If some support is needed, we can help at (almost) any time by using our contact formular or directly by e-mail.

e-NVH Online Training
e-NVH Online Training

New team members

From September, EOMYS is welcoming two new team members to support our software development and work on sound quality in electric motors:

  • B. Gabet is joining EOMYS for a 3-year work-study contract around computer engineering. He will support us in software validation process, in MANATEE development but also in further monitoring and reducing the environmental impact of our numerical activities.
  • S. Wanty will help us to develop our electric motors sound quality assessment skills. She will participate to the development of MoSQITo, the open-source project around sound quality metrics implementation. She will also conduct some tests to characterize the influence of the PWM control strategy on the sound quality.

EOMYS video channel

Our video channel is up to date with some brand-new contents:

Our e-NVH and MANATEE software technical webinars are also still freely accessible.

Video channel EOMYS
Video channel EOMYS

Conferences and events

EOMYS takes part in the following conferences and events during the month of September:

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