September 2017: MANATEE research competition, ProFEMAG6

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MANATEE research licence competition

EOMYS launches the first Research Project Competition on magnetic noise & vibrations of electric machines - the three best research projects will be rewarded by a 6-months MANATEE software research licences (no limitation on the machine topology compared to trial version). To participate you simply have to describe your research project involving electrical machine NVH using this registration link starting on the 2nd of October.

MANATEE recent developments

- automated filtering of spurious numerical harmonics due to import of third party data (e.g. flux coming from another FEA software, current waveform coming from experimental data)
- possibility to calculate magnetic forces using Virtual Work Principle using the automated coupling of MANATEE with FEMM
- speed up of the calculation of synthesized spectrogram for variable speed NVH calculations

Zoom on MANATEE feature

MANATEE is the only simulation software integrating noise and vibration control techniques focusing on the root cause of electromagnetically-excited NVH. This includes in particular the effect of magnetic flux barriers as shown in this validation case of MANATEE.

Synchronous machine with flux barriers
Synchronous machine with flux barriers

Conferences and Events

EOMYS will attend to ProFEMAG6 user conference in Germany in November and will present how to couple ProFEMAG and MANATEE to carry the vibroacoustic design optimization of a traction electric motor for automotive application.

Publication of the Month

The publication work of the month is:

C. Xia, Z. Zhang and Q. Geng, "Analytical Modeling and Analysis of Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Machines With Skewed Slots," in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol. 51, no. 5, pp. 1-8, May 2015. doi: 10.1109/TMAG.2014.2364156

In this article subdomain modeling technique is compared to FEA for the electromagnetic simulation of skewed PMSM and the effect of stator slot inclination on cogging torque, flux linkage and back electromotive force. In this validation case, MANATEE subdomain models give same results while providing significant time reduction (10 sec of calculation with 10 slices, against 674.18 sec in this paper). This illustrates the numerical optimization effort that has been carried in MANATEE subdomain models.

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