September 2016 : Manatee v1.05.04, Force spectrogram, Recruitment

MANATEE v1.05.04 is available

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The release 1.05.04 of MANATEE is now available!

This new release introduces the following features :

  • Possibility to introduce a non-zero DC current component
  • Possibility to inject harmonic currents in DQ frame
  • DFIM control with specified power factor and mechanical power for wind turbine application
  • Effect of boundary conditions (clamped, simply supported, free) on analytical calculation of natural frequencies
  • Possibility to run a sensitivity analysis on a variable speed simulation

This release also includes the beta version of the complete GUI (simulation and machine setup).

GUI main project page
GUI main project page

You can find the complete changes list of this new version on our website.

Zoom on MANATEE feature

plot_VS_Fr_spectrogram (resp. plot_VS_Ft_spectrogram) allows to draw a spectrogram (spectrum at variable speed) of radial (resp. tangential) magnetic forces for each wavenumber. This allows to identify which type of magnetic force wave is present at a given speed and frequency.

In this example of a squirrel cage induction machine with Zs=36, Zr=28 and p=3, one can see that the odd wavenumber spectra do not contain any force wave; in particular, there is no unbalanced magnetic pull. One can see that the largest force waves are r=0 and r=2p=6. Two force waves of wavenumbers r=2 and r=8 can be also noted close to 2 kHz at 3500 rpm.

Radial force harmonics spectrogram
Radial force harmonics spectrogram

Alternatively, one can also draw the spectrogram of a given wavenumber using plot_VS_Fr_spectrogram_order. This time, the spectrogram contains negative frequencies that account for the different propagation directions of magnetic force waves.

Radial force spectrogram of spatial order +/- 2
Radial force spectrogram of spatial order +/- 2


EOMYS has recently hired two new PhDs Engineers, one in thermal engineering and one in vibroacoustics.

EOMYS is looking for Engineers or PhDs to support its team. Are you interested in transversal and multiphysic project? Do you want to join a young and innovative company? Do you have skills in NVH, electromagnetics, fluid mechanics and/or scientific computing? Contact us at

To see ongoing job offers go to the recruitment page.

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