Pyleecan open-source project: Start of the project

Dear Pyleecan potential contributor or user,
As you may know, EOMYS is starting an open and non-commercial project named Pyleecan (Python Library for Electrical Engineering Computational Analysis) to gather, unify and coordinate current and future open-source initiatives in electrical machines and drives software development.

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Pyleecan can be a great tool to develop synergies and improve software development and applied research efficiency. PhD students, researchers and R&D engineers should spend less time on some scripting work that has already been carried somewhere in the world (maybe in a better way!), and should spend more time on creativity, physics, and high-value scripting (e.g. implementation of new topologies or models).

One work that electrical engineering researcher are all doing at the same time is defining parametrized geometries of electrical machines, defining material database, and coupling Scilab/Matlab with FEMM or other software as described in our ICEM publication available on EOMYS publication webpages - let’s stop this!

To achieve that goal, we aim at releasing the first part of Pyleecan source code, a (universal?) object-oriented model of electrical machines supporting multi-physic simulation, after ICEM 2018. This first version would basically combine FEMM and Python through a Graphical User Interface, but the objects behind could be easily extended to alternative software and physics, making it especially suitable for R&D work. More importantly, Pyleecan would in a way define the words and grammar of a first common language among electrical machine designer. We need your help to define it.

A first proposal for the architecture and content of Pyleecan is now available on EOMYS website. Could you please read it to give us your feedback, and check the compatibility of the architecture with your own software solution (if any)? Any comment will be appreciated on both form and content. Open source is all about sharing and we believe that it is important to enable as many people as possible to shape the project. Pyleecan is not an EOMYS product and therefore it needs fresh eyes.

A dedicated meeting on Pyleecan will be carried in ICEM, Alexandroupoli, on 5th Sept 17:30 - 18h30. We hope to see you there to discuss about the project.

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