October/November 2020 Newsletter: MANATEE software news, e-NVH online training, modal identification by video analysis

MANATEE software news

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EOMYS continues working on the development of the new version V2 of MANATEE, the only software specialized in the vibro-acoustic assessment of e-motors along their whole development cycle.

One key feature of MANATEE V2 is too be highly flexible during the calculation process, allowing multiple import/export options and offline calculations. For instance, each physics can be calculated separately :

  • Equivalent Electrical Circuit (EEC) parameters for the electric model,
  • Magnetic Flux Look Up Table (MLUT) for the magnetic model,
  • Frequency Response Functions (FRF) or modal basis for the vibro-acoustic model.

Each physics has its specific input and output which can be user-defined, such as :

  • Voltage and current waveforms for the electric model,
  • Flux field for the magnetic model,
  • Vibration field for the structural model,
  • Sound pressure field for the acoustic model.

This allows electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and NVH / acoustic engineers to perform analysis under MANATEE asynchronously.

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MANATEE V2 Graphical User Interface

e-NVH online training

The first session of EOMYS complete Online Training on acoustic noise and vibrations due to electromagnetic forces in electrical machines came to an end on 20 October.

Our next complete program is planned for January/February 2021, all details can be consulted on our dedicated training website. Two sessions have been organized for non-EU time zones such as USA, India, China and Japan.

If you did not have the opportunity to participate in our training, note that the training material is also available on this website and can be purchased in the form of .PDF documents.

We also remind that private technical talks are proposed on our training website as well. They are appropriate if some certain training contents need to be discussed in person after a general online training but above all, they may also be the opportunity to share more details about your specific application and discuss specific vibro-acoustic issues in the light of EOMYS experience, even if you have not taken part in an online training.

If some support is needed, you can use our contact formular or directly by e-mail.

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    8:30 AM CET corresponds to 1:00 PM IST for India, 3:30 PM for China, 4:30 PM for Japan
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    2:30 PM CET corresponds to 8:30 AM for USA, Michigan, 1:30 PM for UK, 3:30 PM Eastern Europe
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New methods of modal identification by video analysis

EOMYS is hosting a new PhD thesis work carried out by Cédric Marinel engaging us on a new and singular field of work. The project in collaboration with the CRIStAL laboratory aims to develop new methods of modal identification by video analysis.

Cédric Marinel joined EOMYS in March 2019 for an internship on a parallelization issue to finish his master’s degree in high-performance computing and simulation. He worked as an R&D and software engineer for a year, mostly on MANATEE software and the opensource software Pyleecan. He particularly appreciates to drive changes on different software approaches and to exchange with the EOMYS team and a larger development community.

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Impact of electric motors asymmetries on e-NVH – tolerance studies

EOMYS contributed to the last HBK’s Product Physics Conference, which has taken place from October 13-15 as a virtual event.

The presentation prepared by Jean LE BESNERAIS entitled "Impact of Electric Motors Asymmetries on e-NVH – tolerance studies based on EM test & simulation" is now freely available on our YouTube channel.

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EOMYS team news

"Industry without destroying", this is a beautiful motto that the EOMYS team was able to discover during our visit to the company Pocheco. Traditionally an envelope manufacturing plant, Pocheco has been able to diversify its activities in an impressive way. Many projects are in line with the art of reducing its impact on the environment while improving social conditions and making savings thanks to a more ecological production.

This approach is very inspiring for EOMYS. With the implementation of our first CSR guidelines, we are also strongly committed to a sustainable approach, resolutely focused on the respect of both, human being and environment. We will work on our engagement to improve our impact, particularly in areas that are characteristic of our business, such as the carbon impact of digital technology.

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Conferences and events

EOMYS takes part in the following conferences and events during the following weeks:

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