October 2019 Newsletter: new MANATEE modules, Load Interpolation, EV HEV NVH tests

MANATEE software solutions

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MANATEE software module list has been restructured and updated, illustrating how they provide solutions at different e-NVH design stages of electrical machines, from early electromagnetic design to detailed mechanical design phases:

  • e-NVH simulation workflows (WF.X) to have predefined simulations adapted to development cycle of e-machines
  • e-NVH variable-speed solutions (VAR.X) to ease calculations on whole operating range
  • e-NVH algorithms (ALG.X) to speed-up calculations and give more physical insights
  • e-NVH root cause analysis solutions (RCA.X) to quickly identify the origin of noise and vibration issues
  • e-NVH mitigation solutions (SOL.X) to easily implement noise reduction actions
  • e-NVH robust design solutions (ROB.X) to carry NVH design including faults and asymmetries
  • e-NVH import export solutions (IO.X) to ease MANATEE integration in existing simulation & testing workflows
  • e-NVH laboratory (LAB.X) to carry design comparisons, parameter sweep and optimization
  • e-NVH control solutions (CT.X) where most common commutation strategies are predefined
  • e-NVH electrical (EL.X), magnetic (EM.X), structural (SM.X) and acoustic (AC.X) modelling options suitable for all design stages

More more information, see updated MANATEE presentation, as well as updated MANATEE module list.

Zoom on MANATEE feature

MANATEE Load Interpolation Algorithm (ALG.LIA) allows to calculate the flux distribution on a limited number of operating points. Flux density is then interpolated at other speeds. This method can be very fast and accurate if the operating points are chosen while limiting current angle variations in between. As an example, for traction applications and EV HEV NVH the following points can be used:

Illustration of Load Interpolation Algorithm used in MANATEE
Illustration of Load Interpolation Algorithm used in MANATEE
Load Interpolation Algorithm principle based on the knowledge of the operating cycle to speed-up magnetic loads calculation at variable-speed in detailed design stages

New EV HEV NVH measurements

EOMYS has published new articles on EV HEV NVH tests run on Hyundai Ionic and BWM i3 e-motors. These articles are part of EOMYS e-NVH sound library.

Spectrogram of Hyundai IONIC electric powertrain during run-up at maximum torque: e-motor acceleration level (left), Sound Pressure Level close to e-motor (right)
Spectrogram of Hyundai IONIC electric powertrain during run-up at maximum torque: e-motor acceleration level (left), Sound Pressure Level close to e-motor (right)

MANATEE recent developments

  • possibility to study noise and vibration effect of eccentricities or uneven airgap even when importing flux distribution from a third party electromagnetic software
  • possibility to easily compare simulation results of different simulation projects, different electrical machines (e.g. a PMSM Vs SCIM), or different modelling options (e.g. eccentricity level)
  • possibility to plot the contribution to sound power level of different load cases (e.g. stator Vs rotor excitation) for a given magnetic excitation order

MANATEE and e-NVH trainings

Registration to EOMYS next training session on e-NVH and MANATEE software in early January 2020 can be accessed at www.eomys-training.com. The two trainings can be registered independently. Trainees can come with their specific e-machine topology to analyze its e-NVH behaviour and optimize it under MANATEE without any prior knowledge of MANATEE software.

Conferences and Events

EOMYS is about to organize or participate to the following events related to e-NVH:

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