October 2017: Research competition, Wound Rotor Synchronous Machine, Femag presentation

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MANATEE research license competition

Due to several requests to postpone the submission deadline of the competition to win a free 6-months research license of MANATEE software, an additional month is given to let candidates submit their R&D project. The new deadline is 1st of December 6pm (GMT+1).

MANATEE ongoing developments

Following several customer requests, MANATEE geometrical and electromagnetic models have been extended to Wound Rotor Synchronous Machines (WRSM), including damper bars. Two salient pole shapes (slot types 60 and 61) have been modelled for now.

This new topology will be available in MANATEE next release planned for the end of the year.

Slot 60 schematics
Slot 60 schematics
Slot 61 schematics
Slot 61 schematics

Conferences and events

MANATEE NVH models and advanced post processings can now be used with all third party electromagnetic software at variable speed (importing radial and tangential airgap flux at several speed steps). An example of this coupling with electromagnetic software Femag has been demonstrated at Femag user conference held in Germany.

Overal sound power level including modal participation factors, and noise spectrogram
Overal sound power level including modal participation factors, and noise spectrogram

Publication of the month

The publication work of the month is:

Philipp Kotter ; Wolfgang Bischof ; Ralph Kennel ; Oliver Zirn ; Konrad Wegener, "Noise-vibration-harshness-modeling and analysis of induction drives in E-mobility applications," in Proceedings of IEMDC, 2017.

This article from Bosch company derives a permeance / magnetomotive force analytical model of electromagnetic forces in induction machines because finite element simulations are too time consuming when calculating the variable speed Maxwell stress in induction machines, especially when fed by a Pulse Width Modulation drive. A coupling with structural finite element is carried using the notion of modal force matrix.

MANATEE permeance / magnetomotive force model is similar to what is presented in this article, but the permeance analytical model is more accurate as it accounts for flux lines curvature in slot opening; besides, the permeance in MANATEE can be calculated numerically with FEMM within a very short computing time. Slotting effects are therefore well described as shown in this electromagnetic validation case.

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