October 2016 : Manatee new features, Subdomain IPMSM, 5D visualization tool

MANATEE new features

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Our team is working on the next release of MANATEE (1.06.01). It will include the following new features :

  • Possibility to select the Material inside a library (instead of setting every parameter in every machine)
  • Possibility to export the input and output variables (or any user-defined quantity based on a Matlab script) in a single Excel sheet using a template
  • New rotor geometry available for interior PMSM (Slot 50)
  • Possibility to calculate the number of turns based on a user-defined slot fill factor
  • Basic thermal model is available based on reference loss and temperature rise
  • Text output is now displayed with several colors (to highlight the warnings)
  • Possibility to calculate the flux inside the magnet for subdomain models

Subdomain model for interior PMSM

The accuracy and computing time performance of subdomain modelling technique has been successfully applied to interior magnet topologies (based on the tutorial prius 2004 machine). This is done by using a single non-linear magnetostatic simulation in FEMM (using automated coupling between MANATEE and FEMM) to find the magnetization properties of an equivalent surface magnet.

Rotor magnetization pattern

This way the time and angular airgap flux distribution in radial & tangential directions can be calculated in a few seconds including saturation effect of the rotor.

Radial and Tangential Airgap Flux (Femm vs subdomain)

Assuming a linear superposition of armature and magnet field, the full load airgap flux distribution can also be calculated.

5D Data visualization tool

A dedicated graphical interface has been developed to efficiently analyze optimization and sensitivity analysis results. It consists in visualizing the obtained designs as 3D or 2D projections in the design and/or response variable spaces. 5 dimensions can be potentially displayed: 3 using the three axes of the 3D scatter plot, and 2 using the point size and color.

A correspondence is made between all the different projection graphs to help the user identify a given design in the different clouds of points. Filters can be defined to select a part of the data using MANATEE design constraints that have been defined during the simulation set-up (e.g. maximum temperature), or user-defined inequality constraints.

multisim viewer
multisim viewer

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