Oct 2018: e-NVH training, skewing effect, CEFC 2018

New e-NVH training dates

EOMYS organizes a special 3-day training sessions on electromagnetic Noise, Vibration, Harshness (e-NVH) in its office in Lille, France (1 hour from Paris). Training dates, content, and registration details are available on EOMYS training webpage. The training is held in English and is suitable for both NVH engineers and electrical engineers.

Examples of spectrograms taken from EOMYS e-NVH technical training
Examples of spectrograms taken from EOMYS e-NVH technical training

Effect of skew on bemf and cogging torque

As shown in our skewing validation case, MANATEE software electromagnetic models based on subdomain modeling technique enables to quickly calculate the effect of any stator/rotor skew pattern on electromagnetic performances.

Effect of the skew on the back electromotive force
Effect of the skew on the back electromotive force

Skewing NVH 3D effects can also be considered by coupling MANATEE with third party structural software such as Altair Optistruct and Ansys Mechanical and using Electromagnetic Vibration Synthesis algorithm.

Conferences and events

EOMYS presented at the Eighteenth Biennial IEEE Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation (CEFC 2018) in China its article about how to rigourously use the Maxwell tensor estimated in the middle of the airgap to calculate the effective local magnetic stress at stator bore radius for e-NVH calculations. The poster and the article can be accessed at EOMYS publication webpage.

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Publication of the month

The publication work of the month is:

Liang W., "The investigation of electromagnetic radial force and associated vibration in permanent magnet synchronous machines", PhD thesis, Cranfield University, 2017

In this work, the author derives in particular analytic expressions of harmonic current and magnetic forces due to PWM based on Permanent Magnet Synchonous Machines Electrical Equivalent Circuit (EEC). This modelling effort shows that e-NVH simulation approaches fully based on numerical techniques is not appropriate due to large computational time at variable speed when including high frequency switching harmonics.

MANATEE software also uses this approach to speed-up e-NVH calculations. An Electrical Equivalent Circuit can be used to quickly calculate PWM force harmonics at variable speed, and current/voltage harmonics can be estimated analytically.

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