November 2021 news : Slot pole combination e-NVH effects, Manatee conference, new sessions e-NVH training and measurement workshop

Manatee software news

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As for many others, we do not take a break in this often frenetic time at the end of the year. The intensive development work on Manatee software continues, this is where we are currently working on:

  • e-NVH solutions including automated sensitivity analysis on rotor skew parameters and other topological parameters (e.g. number of rotor bars for SCIM)
  • rework of plots and post-processing with the new design explorer interface enabling to visualize and analyze results of sensitivity studies
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) effect on e-NVH with the choice between sine/triangle and space vector strategies
  • simulation of on-load Squirrel Cage Induction Machines considering voltage/slip control function of speed and torque
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Slot pole combination e-NVH effects

The early design choices of electrical engineers have a huge impact on magnetic noise levels, especially the slot/pole combination which can influence of +/-20 dB the noise level.
E-machine designers can no longer work only on electromagnetic and heat transfer physics, they must also account for vibro-acoustics. But why the slot pole combination has such an impact? The sparse structure of Maxwell force harmonics (frequencies and wavenumbers) depend on discrete design variables such as stator/rotor slot numbers, pole numbers, and phase numbers. When changing this combination, both frequencies and wavenumbers of electromagnetic excitations change, resulting in discontinuous change of the vibro-acoustic level.

EOMYS has gathered a very useful list of all slot/pole/phase combinations used in electric vehicle traction motors on this page. If you notice a missing line, we will be happy to complete it with your e-machine data, please drop us an email!

Manatee e-NVH Software Conference 2022

2022 will start with awesome projects. EOMYS will organize a Manatee e-NVH software conference in the first trimester of 2022, probably during the month of February. Several live software demonstrations, free introduction to e-NVH basics, and especially individual application cases (limited number of participants upon application) will turn this online event over 2 days into an inspiring experience. More about this in January!

In the meantime, you can follow all the latest information on our Manatee software website (a new version should be available before Christmas!) and on LinkedIn.

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e-NVH Online training - additional session in January

Following several requests, a new online session of our e-NVH technical training on magnetic noise and vibrations induced by electrical machines has been opened in January-February 2022 besides the March-April session. All engineers involved in the development of electrical systems (namely electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, NVH test engineers, CAE simulation engineers, etc.) are welcome! The training reflects the multiphysics nature of e-NVH phenomena through physics, simulation and testing.

You are invited to register on our training website or directly by e-mail to Anne Trummer.

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e-NVH measurement workshop - English spoken session

Finally, our much asked e-NVH measurement workshop will be available in English language. This session is scheduled for February 2, 2022, at the EOMYS offices in Lille, France. Register now for our workshop if you are looking for the best way to set up a spectrogram in the e-NVH context!

All detailed information and registration process can be found on our training website or directly by contacting Anne Trummer.

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New video presenting EOMYS’ e-NVH services

Electrical systems are increasingly present in our daily environment. Variations in electric and magnetic fields can be the source of internal excitations, resulting in parasitic vibration and thus unpleasant noise. EOMYS Engineering can troubleshoot these problems and apply noise mitigation techniques based on control, magnetic or structural modifications.

Watch our brand new video highlighting the various e-NVH services that we make available to you!

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