November 2017: e-NVH resources, industrial validations, reverberation field effects

New online resources on e-NVH

EOMYS has recently published online resources on electromagnetically-excited acoustic noise and vibrations (e-NVH) including technical notes, conference presentations, webinars, as well as videos and sound examples. Sound samples include applications such as traction motors, UAV propeller motors, and hand power tools. These learning resources are for electrical engineers or NVH test engineers who would like to better understand electromagnetic noise and vibrations.

New industrial validation cases of MANATEE software

Some industrial validation cases of MANATEE software have been gathered in a dedicated webpage.

Simulated sound pressure level of a naval induction motor dredge pump
Simulated sound pressure level of a naval induction motor dredge pump

MANATEE is the first vibroacoustic simulation software providing detailed experimental validation cases including variable speed and sound power level validations.

Ongoing MANATEE developments

The following developments are ongoing:
- possibility to add reverberation field effect in sound pressure level calculation
- automated coupling of MANATEE and Optistruct structural FEA (currently the process requires two manual steps)
- automated coupling of MANATEE and FEMAG electromagnetic software
- modeling of polar stator notches in subdomain electromagnetic models
- possibility to put magnetic wedges or notches at specific positions
- new slot type 15

Slot 15 Schematics
Slot 15 Schematics

Zoom on MANATEE feature

MANATEE software can generate sound files from its calculation of acoustic noise due to electromagnetic forces during a run-up. This wave file can then be analyzed in a psychoacoustic analysis software. Sound synthesization is for instance illustrated in the IPMSM tutorial on Prius 2004 motor.

Publication of the Month

The publication work of the month is:

I. Hasan, Y. Sozer, A. P. Ortega, S. Paul and R. Islam, "Investigation of design based solutions to reduce vibration in permanent magnet synchronous machines with low order radial forces," 2017 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE), Cincinnati, OH, 2017, pp. 5431-5437.

The authors of this article investigate the reduction of magnetic forces responsible for vibration and acoustic noise in a 12s10p PMSM using 3D electromagnetic FEA. A concept of axially varying notches (dummy slots) is investigated but it is shown that best improvements are obtained with normal dummy slots or slot bridges.

This ranking of different noise mitigation techniques can be carried much faster using optimized semi-analytical electromagnetic and vibroacoustic models of MANATEE software. Once a concept is validated using subdomain models, further optimization can be carried on full finite element simulations, for instance using MANATEE coupling with FEMM.

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