November 2016: Material library, subdomain model and publications

MANATEE new features

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Material library

A major change will be introduced in the next release of MANATEE: the material library. Instead of using several parameters like Input.Mechanics.Mst1, Input.Mechanics.Es_xy, Input.Mechanics.mus_yz, etc. for each machine (even if they use the same material), you will just have to set one parameter: Input.Material.mat_lam1 to set all the stator’s material properties at once.

A new file "init_material_library" will contain all the materials with their corresponding parameters. You only create the material once and then you can use it in all your machines. The GUI have been extended to edit and search in this library:

Material Library GUI
Material Library GUI

As you can see, the GUI allows to set only the significant parameters. For instance, the electrical resistivity for lamination material is not used in MANATEE computations, so you won’t have to search and enter this value.

Note that, although this new feature significantly simplifies the machine setup process, it is not backward compatible. When this new release will be available, you will need to create your own material inside the library before being able to run your simulation (or use the provided ones).

Subdomain model for induction machine

MANATEE now includes a powerful subdomain model to simulate the full load operation of induction machines including all time and space harmonics. The calculation of radial & tangential airgap flux density has been favourably compared to Maxwell transient simulations.

Subdomain model for induction machine
Leakage inductance calculation with FEMM

MANATEE now includes the possibility to calculate leakage inductances using the automated coupling with FEMM. An elementary model containing one or several slots depending on winding type is built and leakage inductance is calculated using the energy method.

Leakage inductance calculation with FEMM

Zoom on MANATEE Feature

MANATEE contains automated phasor diagram plots of the steady state behavior of squirrel cage machines, doubly fed induction machines and permanent magnetic synchronous machines.

Phasor diagram


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