March 2021 newsletter : Release Manatee V2.0

MANATEE software news

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Official release Manatee software V2.0

Backed with 8 years of consulting experience in solving noise and vibration issues in electrical machines, EOMYS Engineering has developed Manatee software simulation environment to speed-up the development of low-noise electrified systems. Manatee is the first software dedicated to the simulation and analysis of electromagnetic noise and vibrations, for all engineers who need to monitor the noise level of an electrified system during its whole development cycle.

An intensive development work on the very-new version of Manatee software V2.0 has been successfully completed and this version 2.0 is now officially available.

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Introductory webinar Manatee software V2.0

In the context of the release of Manatee V2.0, we offer short free introductory webinars on Thursday, April 15, 2021, to present this brand-new version.

Europe / Americas
4:00 PM Central European Summer Time
10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Europe / Asia
9:00 AM Central European Summer Time
12:30 PM India Standard Time
3:00 PM China Time
4:00 Japan Time

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We will cover various main features of Manatee V2.0 and also present the completely redesigned GUI.

Main features Manatee V2.0

The main features included in Manatee software V2.0 are:

  • Preceding the simulation, a user interface to ease the definition of your own machine topology, among the two main machine types that are available: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSM) and Squirrel Cage Induction Machines (SCIM).
  • To set up the simulation, a user interface to choose between predefined workflows so you get e-NVH performances with the best trade-off between computation and accuracy, according to how far you are in the design process.
  • Following the simulation, a user interface to perform automated e-NVH post-processings such as noise spectrograms and order tracking analysis.

Manatee V2.0 also provides a dedicated interface to mitigate noise and vibrations and implements a first reduction technique based on rotor skewing. Other reduction techniques will be implemented in future releases.

Upcoming versions in 2021

Version V2.0 is primarily aimed at electrical engineers, so they can simply evaluate the electromagnetic noise and vibrations (e-NVH) performances of their electrical machine design. Other versions will follow in 2021, integrating the corresponding models aimed at mechanical engineers (V2.1), acoustic engineers (V2.2) and NVH test engineers (V2.3).

Thus, Manatee will become a valuable pioneering software for all engineers who need to monitor the noise level of an electrified system during its whole development cycle by the end of 2021. Manatee software will include both diagnosis and mitigation techniques for every design step.

Introductory webinars are also planned for these further releases.

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