March 2020 Newsletter: MANATEE v1.09.01 release, distant e-NVH training, new MANATEE webinars

MANATEE software news

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EOMYS has released MANATEE v1.09.01. Main new features include:

  • quicker variable speed NVH calculation based on Load Interpolation Algorithm and Flux Look Up Tables (FLUT) concept as a function of speed
  • improvement of FRF loading / saving performances, and extension to longitudinal magnetic force wavenumbers induced by skewing for Altair Optistruct coupling
  • improvement of early design harmonic analysis tools, including Campbell diagram
  • additional graphical post processing, including load case contribution for transfer path analysis and FRF visualization
  • proprietary graphical chart designed by EOMYS with new spectrogram colours

MANATEE documentation

Our MANATEE documentation is constantly being updated and improved. Numerous tutorials and howtos are already available on EOMYS’ website. This documentation is going to be enriched during the next weeks and months aiming at complete documentation proposing use cases, workflows and howtos. Don’t hesitate to contact us if some article should be missing.

Zoom on MANATEE feature

Using fast Electromagnetic Vibration Synthesis (EVS) algorithm to get A-Weighted Sound Power Level at variable speed, the order tracking analysis gives the contribution of each frequency order to the overall A-SWL. The new postprocessing “plot_VS_ASWL_order_analysis_ui" (web article in progress) further decomposes each order into the contribution of each load case (i.e. magnetic excitation type).

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e-NVH training and upcoming webinars

Even in the context of the Coronavirus crisis, the technical training on magnetic noise and vibrations in electrical machines planned for 12-14 May 2020 is maintained. However, this e-NVH training is now fully organized by video conference. Prices are also reviewed: we propose this highly qualified training with a special discount of 20%. You can register on our EOMYS training registration website and should there be any trouble to maintain the training, your reimbursement is guaranteed.

EOMYS is also going to organize a unique series of 8 technical webinars on the vibroacoustic design optimization of electrical machines and on MANATEE software. Webinar topics, dates and registration can be accessed at our e-NVH webinars 2020 webpage.

Research work

EOMYS received six new stators to support its e-NVH research program around the open testbed. These samples combine different stacking technologies to study their impact on damping and natural frequencies, and different slot opening to further validate MANATEE software magnetic force calculation algorithms including modulation effects.

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EOMYS currently hosts a new R&D intern, Sijie Ni, to run investigation around PWM switching noise and sound quality especially for EV HEV NVH.

Conferences and events

EOMYS is about to organize or participate in the following events related to e-NVH. Please note that some dates have changed because of the Coronavirus context:

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