March 2017: MANATEE 1.06.02, new acoustic validation case, automated FRF

MANATEE v1.06.02 is available

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The release 1.06.02 of MANATEE is now available!

This new release introduces the following main features:

  • update of tutorials: use of subdomain model for interior magnet machine (tuto_BPMSM_12) and effect of stator skew on PMSM torque ripple, cogging torque and acoustic noise (tuto_SPSMS_06)
  • validation of the coupling with Altair Optistruct
  • possibility to import/export FRF
  • improvement of external flux density import (accepts CSV and XLS files)
  • new slot type Slot 29
  • new validation cases for multi objective optimization: OP_001, OP_002 and OP_003
    740. Optimization results with MANATEE vs theoritical results
    Optimization results with MANATEE vs theoritical results

    You can find the complete changes list of this new version on our website.

Zoom on MANATEE features

New validation on experimental measurements

A new validation case (AC_SCIM_002) has been added. The aim of this validation case is to compare MANATEE results (obtained in a few seconds of computation with permeance/mmf model) with accurate experimental tests run in a semi-anechoic chamber using ISO standard 3744 to calculate the sound power level radiated by a traction induction motor.

Magnetic force vector in the fixed frame

In case of magnetic unbalance (e.g. eccentricities, uneven pole placement, pole demagnetization) the net global force on the stator is not null. This unbalanced magnetic pull can be further studied by plotting the vector of magnetic forces and its Fourier transform along X and Y directions in a fixed frame with plot_FxFy. This way the UMP ripple due to slotting effects can also be quantified.

Global magnetic forces
Global magnetic forces
Magnetic forces
Magnetic forces

The same post processing is available in the rotor rotating frame (for inner rotor topology) with plot_FxFy_in.

Publication of the Month

The publication of the month is: A. Pina Ortega; L. Xu, "Investigation of Effects of Asymmetries on the Performance of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines," in IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 2017.

This paper analyzes the effect of asymmetries in PMSM and concludes in particular that "a machine with low ripple can also be subject of augmented vibrations".
The study of the effect of asymmetries on electromagnetic vibration and acoustic noise using finite element methods requires long simulation times. The analytical and semi analytical models of MANATEE software allow to study the effects of asymmetries (e.g. pole demagnetization, pole displacement, airgap deflection) on magnetic force unbalance, vibrations and acoustic noise in a very short computing time. Asymmetries introduce new excitation wavenumbers and sidebands in electromagnetic excitations. MANATEE can also be used to study some design changes on torque ripple and magnetic vibration and acoustic noise.

The scope of the IEMDC article we are currently working on has been changed to: Tangential effects on magnetic vibrations of induction machines using subdomain method and electromagnetic vibration synthesis

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