Mai/June 2020 Newsletter: modal projection, testing services, new online training modules, ICEM 2020

MANATEE software news

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Root Cause Analysis based on Modal Projection
From a modal basis as input, MANATEE can perform modal projection to quickly assert the interaction between main electromagnetic force waves and structural modes, thus predict resonances and e-NVH risks. Modal Projection algorithm outputs the picture below:

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Each line refers to a theoretical magnetic load case (y-legend giving load case properties) and each column to a structural mode (x-legend giving mode’s natural frequency). The coloured block indicates the absolute amplitude of the modal projection, in other terms how much each load case interacts each mode. For a given load case, the bigger the block is, the larger the modal contribution is.

For example, maximum modal force is given for the load case “outer FRF tan r=0, s=0” (meaning “unit force wave applied on the outer structure in a tangential direction, of wave number r=0 and longitudinal order s=0”) and the 10th structural mode at 1117 Hz, which turns out to be the first torsional mode of the stator:

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Running your testing campaign at EOMYS

Thanks to our internal testing facilities, we can perform from our office a full vibroacoustic characterization of electric machines. From experimental modal analysis allowing to identify the structural modes excited by the electromagnetic forces to run-up measurements allowing to identify the main electrical orders responsible for noise.

If you need help for testing your own electric machine, you can find more information here or please contact us for any question.

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New online training modules

Many things have changed in the past few weeks and we have all had to adapt our habits to new circumstances. This applies to our technical training offers as well. As face-to-face trainings are hard to conceive at the moment, we are working currently on new online offers, which will soon be available on our training website. However, certain conditions do not change: transmission of high-quality and solid technical knowledge, answers to all training-related questions and the possibility to talk to a trainer personally.

During the month of June, we will be able to introduce our new training packages, a corresponding message is planned!

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EOMYS scientific articles for ICEM 2020

EOMYS is proud to announce that 3 scientific articles have been accepted by the 24th International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM2020).

First about Pyleecan open-source project, initiated in 2018 by EOMYS for the design and optimization of innovative electrical machines.

Second, a paper about the effect of uneven magnetization on magnetic noise and vibration in PMSM, with all simulations performed with MANATEE.

And last but not least, a paper about magnetic force computation and mesh-to-mesh projection for e-NVH studies.

Rich information for this leading event in the field of electrical machines, which will most likely be held online this year.

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