June 2017: MANATEE new release 1.06.03, 3d flux density animation, noise spatiograms

MANATEE v1.06.03 is available

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The release 1.06.03 of MANATEE is now available!

This new release introduces the following main features:

You can find the complete list of changes of this new version on our website.

Ongoing developments

The development of the next release has already started. We have recently added the following features:

  • Several notches per pole or tooth width can now be applied, both on stator and rotor side
  • Square wave supply is now included
  • Automated source decomposition of magnetic force harmonics in terms of permeance and magnetomotive product has been extended to partial load operations of outer rotor machines
  • Harmonic force or acoustic noise line magnitude at a specific frequency or wavenumber can be easily included in the outputs to run a sensitivity study or optimization on them
  • 3d flux plot and possibility to generate animations
    Radial airgap flux animated
    Radial airgap flux animated

Zoom on MANATEE feature

Spatiogram analysis applied to noise at variable speed

A new powerful post processing is now available in MANATEE: spatiogram analysis applied to sound power level at variable speed. The idea of this post processing, initially developed for the experimental analysis of vibration waves (see our article of ISEF 2015) is to discriminate in a usual spectrogram the effect of each force wavenumber. This analysis has been extended numerically to sound level and the user can now generate a separate sonagram for each magnetic force wavenumber involved in magnetic vibration and noise generation.

This post processing is available even when the flux density is imported from an external electromagnetic software (e.g. JMAG®, ANSYS® Maxwell®, Flux®, MagNet®, etc.).

A-weighted sound power level per magnetic force wavenumber
A-weighted sound power level per magnetic force wavenumber

Publication of the Month

The publication work of the month is:

Xia, C., Zhang, Z., & Geng, Q., Analytical Modeling and Analysis of Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Machines with Skewed Slots, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol.51 (5), 2014.

MANATEE optimized subdomain models can also calculate the back emf, flux linkage, cogging torque, electromagnetic torque in skewed conditions but with much higher performance. In this reference an overall calculation time of 240+240+195+241=916 seconds is necessary for the calculation of all these quantities, whereas MANATEE only takes 30 seconds and its calculation includes the evaluation of vibration and acoustic noise at variable speed. When reducing the number of slices from 20 used in the article to 8, only 10 seconds of calculation is necessary.

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