July 2021 news: Manatee v2.1 webinar replay, modal basis import feature, video material, new training formats

Manatee software news

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Release Manatee software v2.1

The latest version v2.1 has been developed to meet the needs of mechanical engineers involved in the design of electrical systems. The main new features included in Manatee software V2.1, released beginning of July are:

  • rotor eccentricity modelling (parallel & inclined, static & dynamic)
  • modal basis import from Optistruct, including modal basis preview
  • Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) and Operational Force Shape (OFS) animations
  • NVH spectrogram per Load Case (spatiograms) for quicker troubleshooting
  • e-NVH calculation on the whole torque-speed plane based on current map

EOMYS continues its development work on Manatee. The next version is scheduled for October/November 2021 and will focus on features for acoustic engineers.
The last version planned for 2021 will be released in December and will then address NVH test engineers.

For any information regarding our several releases, please go to our Manatee software website, release page.

Further work on existing features is naturally included. Manatee is designed to ease electrical, mechanical, acoustic, NVH test engineers collaboration throughout electrical system development.

Manatee software v2.1 ODS
Manatee software v2.1 ODS

Manatee v2.1 webinar replay

For all those who were not able to attend our webinar on July 8, the replay and used presentation material can be accessed via our Manatee website.

For individual Manatee software introductions, please feel free to contact us. It is possible to agree on particular requirements in advance and tailor the individual presentation accordingly.

Manatee v2.1 webinar replay
Manatee v2.1 webinar replay

Zoom on Manatee feature: modal basis import

If a 3D FEA mechanical model of your electrical system is already built (remember that Manatee software also allows to easily include 3D eccentricity effects in the electromagnetic and vibro-acoustic simulation workflow), it can be reused thanks to the modal basis import feature recently integrated into the software.

This feature completes the semi-analytic vibro-acoustic model of Manatee to be used in early e-NVH design phase. The modal basis import feature enables to calculate more accurately airborne noise in detailed design phase, but also include the contribution of structure-borne noise to sound power level. In particular, you can include the effect of Unbalanced Magnetic Pull (UMP) excitation of an internal rotor.

Manatee software v2.1 modal basis import
Manatee software v2.1 modal basis import

Video material

Our YouTube channel is constantly updated and enriched with new video material. Numerous videos inform here concretely about Manatee software and its features (approximately one new video per week), e-NVH topics, Manatee webinar replays, contributions to international conferences etc.
Various playlists simplify your browsing experience.
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e-NVH Training and practical workshops

Our next training session for September is complete and therefore closed. If there are specific training needs, feel free to contact us, we can always provide a customized training format for a minimum of 4 people.

New to our training offer:

Customized workshops
EOMYS trainers are also used in organizing on-site technical workshops. This result-oriented format allows high customization to your technical needs. Such programs can include visits of manufacturing facilities, review of simulation & testing methodologies, analysis of technical reports, brainstorming sessions or measurement campaigns. A maximum of interactivity is guaranteed, and a detailed action plan is delivered at the end of the workshop.

Special Measurement workshop
This training format is under development and will be implemented this autumn. We plan a special Measurement day on our testbench and test motor. More information in our coming newsletters!

Eomys training
Eomys training

Summer conferences

If you can find some time in the middle of the summer month of August, we invite you to sign up for a presentation on August 10 given by Karine Degrendele: "Noise Due to Electromagnetic Forces in Automotive Applications".
We thank the IOA Noise and Vibration Engineering Group for sponsoring this presentation.
Electromagnetic forces can be a major source of unpleasant noise in electric machines. The presentation focuses on understanding how magnetic noise and vibration are generated focusing on both slotting and switching harmonics. The process to identify the root cause of the noise issue is addressed based on tests and simulations. Illustrations in automotive applications and examples of design optimizations under Manatee software are provided. Finally, the impact of switching control strategy on sound quality is assessed based on MoSQITo tool.

EOMYS presentation for NVEG August 10
EOMYS presentation for NVEG August 10


  • EOMYS will be an exhibitor on the next Aachen Acoustics Colloquium, held in Germany from November 22-24. We will also present a paper entitled "Perceived sound quality analysis of Electric Drive Units under different switching control strategies", which will be done by Martin Glesser, NVH R&D engineer at EOMYS.

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