July 2020 Newsletter : magnetic noise reduction using MANATEE software, ATZ article, webinar replays

MANATEE software news

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Magnetic noise reduction of electrical machines using MANATEE software

MANATEE software provides many features for electromagnetic noise reduction focusing both on the electromagnetic and structural redesign. Thanks to an efficient implementation, they can be used in the early design stage to prevent noise issues and after manufacturing to mitigate emitted noise. Here is an example of topological exploration that required a few minutes of simulation time using MANATEE software and based on the Tesla Model S 2013 (SCIM 60s74r4p):

  • Sensitivity study on rotor slot number at full load and variable speed
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  • Sensitivity study on stator slot opening at a no-load and fixed speed
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  • Sensitivity study on winding pitch factor at no-load and fixed speed
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Press communication

EOMYS has written a cover theme for the current summer issue of the well-known German-speaking ATZ automotive magazine. The article has been published under the title "Sound Quality Aspects of Electric Vehicles" for the English version and "Klangqualit├Ąt bei Elektrofahrzeugen for the German version.
The text focuses on switching noise (also called PWM noise) which may contribute to sound quality issues in EV HEV powertrains. We thank our authors Jean Le Besnerais, Karine Degrendele, Emile Devillers and Paul Gning for their work on this publication.

You can download both versions of the article on our website.

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New research project from October 2020

C. Marinel who already works as a Software R&D Engineer in EOMYS will start an industrial PhD at EOMYS in collaboration with CRISTAL Laboratory. His work will focus on the development of new video-based characterization techniques of structural vibrations.

Webinar replays

From April to June 2020 EOMYS conducted a complete series of 8 technical webinars on the vibroacoustic design optimization of electrical machines and on MANATEE software.

The replays of all 8 webinars are now available on our website.

International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering

This conference will be a fully virtual event, held by the KU Leuven Noise & Vibration research group on September 7-9, 2020.

EOMYS will be presenting the tooth FRF (Frequency Response Function) at the ISMA-USD international conference. As introduced at ISEF, experimental tooth FRF is an alternative to mechanics simulation allowing, among other things, to identify the contribution of each electromagnetic excitation to overall vibration or Sound Power Level on an electric machine. Its workflow summary is detailed below.

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The presentation includes the impact of longitudinal wavenumbers, eccentricity and develops the Operational Force Shape concept.

For more information, we would be glad to answer your questions.

The abstract of the presentation is available on our website.

Work in progress on Corporate Social Responsibility

At the beginning of this year, we informed you that we were actively working on our CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy and report. We were greatly supported by our internship Katarina Milovanovic, who has been with us for 6 months, working specifically on this topic. Her internship will now be over at the end of July. We had a very enlightening and valuable time together and hope that we will be able to present our official CSR report in the last quarter of 2020. The report will be structured by input/output/stored flux analysis of the company: financial, social, energy, data, manufactured items fluxes.

Upcoming summertime and ICEM conference August 2020

The EOMYS team wishes our readers a wonderful summertime, a well-deserved break after these special months which we all have experienced and which will surely have an effect for some time to come.

On our side, EOMYS doesn’t take a summer break, we are still reachable at any time and the latest news can be found as usual on our LinkedIn company page.

Of course not to forget the upcoming conference ICEM 2020, also held full virtually, in which we will participate with the presentation of 3 papers and a two-hour tutorial entitled Magnetic noise and vibration in main EV HEV electric motor topologies on 23rd August 2020.

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