January 2016 : MANATEE 1.05.01 and Demo version

MANATEE v1.05 is available

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The new version of MANATEE is now fully validated and available.

This new version introduces the following features :

  • The exact and periodic subdomains models for surface PM synchronous machines have been implemented and numerically optimized.
  • A multiobjective optimization module has been developed and the multi-simulation module has been improved (customized post-processing at the end of each simulation step).
  • Some new geometries of slots and magnets have been added to make sure that you will find the one that suits to your application.
  • The possibility to import external voltage or current data has been implemented to enable an easier coupling with other software.
  • Some new validation tests have been implemented to compare the software results to experimental data.

All the new features of MANATEE v1.05 are available on our website.

MANATEE Trial Version

A free, time-limited trial version of MANATEE (based on v1.05) is now available upon request.

The trial version allows to simulate two machines (a 36s28r6p Squirrel Cage Induction Machine and a 36s4p Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine) with all the simulation options and post-processing available in MANATEE.

10. MANATEE Trial version - Machine Topology
MANATEE Trial version - Machine Topology


The command "plot_VS_ASWL_modal_cont" from the variable speed module (VS.pp) allows to visualize the structural mode participation to the overall sound power level as a function of speed. In this example, the command is used on the demonstration project Demo_SPMSM of surface permanent magnet synchronous machine with 4 poles and 36 slots.

This graph allows to identify the structural modes involved in the acoustic resonances. In this example, one can see several resonances of the mode (4,0) occur near 4000, 7500 and 9000 rpm. A resonance with the (0,0) breathing mode occurs near 6000 rpm. By removing a given mode in the figure GUI, you are able to isolate the sound power level due to one or several structural modes.

Structural mode contribution to A-weighted SWL
Structural mode contribution to A-weighted SWL

Upcoming publications

EOMYS is currently working on an article for ICEM 2016 presenting the models of MANATEE and their validation.

International Conference on Electrical Machines

The pre-print version of PEMD article on the vibroacoustic characterization of a high speed brushless DC motor is available on Jean Le Besnerais page on ResearchGate

More information about our research work and upcoming articles (including abstract) can be found on our publication section.

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