February 2021 Newsletter: psychoacoustics, testing facilities, Manatee software V2.0beta

MANATEE software news

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MANATEE software new version 2.0

The MANATEE software beta testing program has been successfully started on February 9 as announced in the last newsletter. Thanks to the commitment of our beta testers, the software development team of EOMYS will finalize the official release of Manatee V2.0 by March 16th.
MANATEE software will become the first python software dedicated to simulation and analysis of electromagnetic noise and vibrations.

Version V2.0 is primarily aimed at electrical engineers. Several versions will be released during 2021 with dedicated features for other engineering profiles, such as mechanical, acoustic and NVH/test engineers.

Thus, Manatee will become a valuable pioneering software for all engineers who need to monitor the noise level of an electrified system during its whole development cycle by the end of 2021. Manatee software will include both diagnosis and mitigation techniques for every design step.

What is psychoacoustics?

Electromagnetically-excited noise (in automotive applications for instance) is by nature rich and complex. Different psychoacoustic metrics such as loudness, sharpness, tonality and roughness need to be combined together to produce an estimation of the human ear perception in terms of sound quality. Discover on our website the different aspects of these phenomena and how the EOMYS team can use psychoacoustic to enhance the diagnostic of e-motors noise issues and offer better reduction solutions.

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System-level e-machine anechoic test

In combination with the investigation tests, that we can already perform in our internal testing facilities (experimental modal analysis allowing to identify the structural modes excited by the electromagnetic forces up to run-up measurements allowing to identify the main electrical orders responsible for noise), we are currently developing partnerships with test centres to propose electric motors NVH characterization in an anechoic environment. The typical specification of the test campaign we can offer is summarized in the image below. For any request regarding such a test campaign, or to discuss the test facility specifications, please feel free to contact us.

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EOMYS team

Jean-Guillaume de Damas, 22 years-old, french engineering student at ISAE-SUPAERO Toulouse joined EOMYS in January 2021. Passionated about science and coding, Jean-Guillaume appreciates discovering applied mathematics along with programming languages such as C, Python, Matlab or Java. Besides this, he enjoys learning about web development on his own, for instance, to implement a website for car sharing at his school. During his internship at EOMYS, Jean-Guillaume is involved in two main missions: building up a new website dedicated to Manatee software V2 and implementing a new feature related to magnetic force within a finite element algorithm in the open-source project Pyleecan.

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EOMYS community on LinkedIn

We would like to thank all our followers on LinkedIn for their ongoing interest in our work. The complete multidisciplinary team of EOMYS, consisting of R&D engineers specialized in electrical engineering, vibroacoustics and scientific computing, is pleased that so many electrical machine design engineers and integrators from all over the world trust us and are interested in the publications we share and pass on there.

Your comments and suggestions are always precious to us, our common discussions may open our horizons even further.

If you are not yet following our LinkedIn page, you can do so now.

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