February 2017: Webinar’s recording, Koil coupling, IEMDC full paper

Webinar on electromagnetic NVH issues in electrical machines

EOMYS first webinar on electromagnetic noise and vibration was successfully followed by more than 150 unique attendees. We would like to thank you all for your interest in our webinar!

The webinar replay and presentation are available on our website. Other webinars focusing on different aspects of NVH and MANATEE (e.g. subdomain model, coupling with FEMM, coupling with structural FEA) will be organized.

Zoom on MANATEE features

MANATEE (Magnetic Acoustic Noise Analysis Tool for Electrical Engineering) software logo
Koil coupling

We are currently working on the release 1.06.02. This version will introduce (among other features) two new ways to define your winding connection matrix:

Koil is a free software to generate winding connection matrix with the star of slot method:

Koil software
Koil software
Operational Deflection Shape

MANATEE includes an Operational Deflection Shape analysis tool to see how the lamination behaves at a given frequency and to experience under-sampling effect.

90. Operational deflection shape of the stator with 64 accelerometers
Operational deflection shape of the stator with 64 accelerometers

Publication of the Month

ERRATUM: In the previous newsletter, the Publication of the Month was for the EVER conference and not IEMDC.

In collaboration with L2EP, EOMYS has submitted to the International Electric Machines & Drives Conference 2017 a paper named: "Effect of tangential flux density on radial magnetic force for the vibroacoustic study of induction machines at no-load and load state".

IEEE International Electric Machines & Drive Conference

The full paper is available on Researchgate.

To keep track with our latest publications, you can follow Jean Le Besnerais’ page on Researchgate.

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