December 2021 news : new year greetings, Manatee events for 2022, January trainings

Manatee software news

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The whole team of EOMYS wishes you a wonderful and peaceful end of year, hopefully, surrounded by your loved ones. We are already looking forward to the coming year, which will certainly start with some awesome events regarding Manatee software. You can expect a brand new Manatee website, a Manatee user conference, and most importantly, the opportunity to try out our unique software with a one-month trial license. Not all machine topologies will be available in this trial version, but only a limited number among a predefined topology library. However, you will be able to draw your own machine, see how fast simulations can be set-up and run, and how rich are the visualization tools of the software. We also offer live demonstrations, performed by our specially trained application engineers. For any contact, please address directly to Anne Trummer.

E-machine drawn under Manatee software, powered by Pyleecan opensource software
E-machine drawn under Manatee software, powered by Pyleecan opensource software

Next e-NVH training and measurement workshop

On December 14th, our first practical workshop on e-NVH measurement took place at EOMYS office in Lille, North of France. It included a balance of theory and practice to understand the ins and outs of e-machine vibro-acoustic measurements. Workshop leader Martin Glesser was very happy about the constructive discussions and the first feedbacks were positive.

Next date for an English language workshop on February 2, 2022.

For those who want to go even further, a new complete e-NVH online training program starts again on January 18, 2022. Register now to save your place and any possible remaining budget from 2021!

For French participants, don’t forget the governmental program FNE, still active, which can allow you to finance 100% of your training.

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