December 2016: Manatee v1.06.01, Webinar, Publications

MANATEE v1.06.01 is available

MANATEE (Magnetic Acoustic Noise Analysis Tool for Electrical Engineering) software logo

The release 1.06.01 of MANATEE is now available!

This new release introduces the following main features:

All the tutorials will soon be updated with this new version of the software to detail how to use the material library and the GUI.

You can find the complete changes list of this new version on our website.


EOMYS will organize two webinars on Wednesday 15th February at 10.30 AM (GMT+1) and Thursday 23th February at 5 PM (GMT+1). In these webinars, we will talk about magnetic noise and vibration analysis in electrical machines and we will present our software MANATEE. They will last 30 minutes plus 15 minutes at the end to answer your questions.

To attend the webinar or for more information, please subscribe on our website or send us an email (

Feel free to suggest a specific topic to discuss during the webinar when subscribing (e.g. subdomain model, skewing).


We are currently working on several articles:

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