December 2015 : Ongoing development, website and conferences

MANATEE v1.05 is coming

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MANATEE v1.05 is nearly ready. The development phase is finished and some validations are under completion. Its main new features are :

  • The exact and periodic subdomains models for surface PM synchronous machines have been implemented and numerically optimized.
  • A multiobjective optimization module has been developed and the multi-simulation module has been improved (customized post-processing at the end of each simulation step).
  • Some new geometries of slots and magnets have been added to make sure that you will find the one that suits to your application.
  • The possibility to import external voltage or current data has been implemented to enable an easier coupling with other software.
  • Some new validation tests have been implemented to compare the software results to experimental data.

All the new features of MANATEE v1.05 are available on our website.

Machine GUI

A GUI to setup the machine parameters is currently under development and will be released with MANATEE v1.06

Machine GUI


The post processings plot_Fmag_teeth and plot_Fmag_teeth_fft allows to plot the magnetic forces per tooth either in the time domain or the Fourier space domain.

The following pictures illustrate the command lines plot_Fmag_teeth_fft(-2,100) (left) and plot_Fmag_teeth_fft(3,100) (right) which plot the tangential and radial force wave of wavenumber 2 and 3 at frequency 100Hz.

Magnetic forces per tooth at given frequency / wavenumber
Magnetic forces per tooth at given frequency / wavenumber

New features of the website

EOMYS website has been updated with a full section on MANATEE software. It contains the latest documentation of MANATEE (including new features to be introduced in v1.05). On the website, you will find all our current validations cases, along with tutorials to understand how to use MANATEE, and the complete list of our hundreds post-processing.

Upcoming publications

EOMYS has currently 5 articles in progress and will attend to the following conferences:

EOMYS conferences 2016

More information about our research work and upcoming articles (including abstract) can be found on our website.

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