Dec-Jan 2019: FEMM/DXF import, SynRM/SRM, e-NVH trainings

EOMYS completed its 100th consulting project

After 5 years of activities, EOMYS engineering team recently completed its 100th consulting project. The company has now more than 70 customers worldwide and has some e-NVH experience on more than 100 different electric motors, from 5 rpm to 150 krpm speed, 10 mm to 10 m diameter, 5 W to 50 MW power ranges - All noise troubleshooting analyses having started with a MANATEE e-NVH simulation.

Ongoing MANATEE developments

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Next release of MANATEE software for the fast e-NVH simulation of electric motors will include some important updates and new features such as:

  • .dxf import for stator or rotor geometry in MANATEE coupling to FEMM.
  • .fem model import in MANATEE coupling to FEMM.
  • FEMM mesh optimization and implementation of sliding band technique to reduce the computing time and numerical errors.
  • Modelling of Synchronous Reluctance Machines (SynRM) and Switched Reluctance Machines (SRM).
  • Calculation of tooth Frequency Response Functions to ease the import of experimental FRF.
  • New slot shapes particularly dedicated to SynRM and SRM topologies.
    New slot type for MANATEE 1.08.01
    New slot type for MANATEE 1.08.01

    Several post processing have been improved, such as order tracking analysis and waterfalls.

    Acoustic noise waterfall obtained with MANATEE software
    Acoustic noise waterfall obtained with MANATEE software

Conferences and Events

EOMYS is about to organize or participate to the following events related to e-NVH:

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