August 2016 : ICEM 2016, Simulation GUI, Optistruct-MANATEE article

MANATEE new features

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After the machine GUI, the Simulation GUI will be available soon:

GUI main project page
GUI main project page

One of the GUI’s purpose is to be able to know quickly what the simulation is doing. We have split the simulation parameters in several panels according to MANATEE modules. As you can see, the default_proj simulation simulates a SCIM machine at single speed powered with a sinusoidal voltage without skew and fault. All four models are run :

  • the electrical one computes the equivalent circuit without skin effect
  • the electromagnetic one computes the flux (but not the torque) with analytical permeance/mmf method
  • the structural analysis is also analytical and includes radial and tangential forces
  • the acoustic one is analytical and sound level is computed 1m away from the frame.
Mechanical and Acoustics model disabled
Mechanical and Acoustics model disabled

In this example, we only want to compute the flux of the electrical machine with MANATEE. The structural and acoustic panels are disabled since the corresponding models are not run by the simulation.

This GUI will allow to edit machines and simulations files in a more ergonomic way. As for the machine version, this GUI will be released as beta at first to get as much feedback as possible.

Meet us at ICEM

EOMYS team will attend ICEM’2016 conference at Lausanne (Switzerland) on September 4-7, 2016. EOMYS will present three articles through poster sessions:

In addition, EOMYS will present its software MANATEE and its activities in ICEM’2016 exhibition area. It is an opportunity to meet EOMYS team and to know our company better.

International Conference on Electrical Machines

EOMYS is hiring

EOMYS is looking for Engineers or PhDs to reinforce its team. You are interested in transversal and multiphysic project? You want to join a young and innovative company? You have skills in NVH, electromagnetics, fluid mechanics and/or scientific computing? Contact us at

To see ongoing job offers go to the recruitment page.

Ongoing publications

EOMYS is currently writing articles about electromagnetic and mechanical coupling with ALTAIR OptiStruct software. They highlight different coupling methods and compare them, they explain the automated process developped by EOMYS to create geometry, meshing and dynamic loadings using TCL language and show a MANATEE validation on structural mechanics.

MANATEE coupling with ALTAIR OptiStruct software

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