Aug-Sept 2018: MANATEE v1.07.02, Transient NVH, Pyleecan project

MANATEE release v1.07.02

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EOMYS has released MANATEE v1.07.02. The main new features include:

  • transient NVH calculations of e-machines
  • calculation of flux linkage Look Up Tables using FEMM
  • coupling with XFEMM package, which allows MANATEE to be run under Linux while keeping the automated coupling with FEMM
  • further import / export options (e.g. generation of .unv files to be used in third party NVH software)

All the new features of MANATEE v1.07.02 are available on our website.

Transient NVH calculations

MANATEE solver has been extended to handle transient Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) calculations of e-machines under electromagnetic excitations: variable speed operation can either be simulated:

  • as a series of quasi steady states (use of FFT)
  • as a fully transient state (use of STFT).

This means that the rotor angle and stator phase current waveform coming from a fully transient electrical model (e.g. under Simulink) can be used as input to carry e-NVH calculations. The transient algorithm of MANATEE has still a high computational performance, as calculations are still run in less than a minute on a standart laptop.

MANATEE e-NVH calculation based on quasi static variable speed (left) and transient variable speed (right)
MANATEE e-NVH calculation based on quasi static variable speed (left) and transient variable speed (right)

In this example one can see that Short Time Fourier Transform (STFT) introduces spectral aliasing effect contrary to the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). The maximum frequency of interest must be increased to avoid this effect.

Pyleecan project

Pyleecan open-source project has been successfully presented at the International Conference of Electrical Machines in Alexandroupoli, Greece, on 5th of Sept 2018.

The initiative has been favorably welcomed by the community and Pyleecan initial architecture has been confirmed during Pyleecan meeting n°1. One priority that has been identified is the handling of SyRM topology so that Syr-e and Pyleecan projects can be aligned as soon as possible.

Conferences and Events

EOMYS presents a MANATEE software demo at World Magnetic Conference held at CoilTech in Pordenone, Italy, on 26th Sept 2018.

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EOMYS will also attend to SIA-CTTM Automotive NVH Comfort on 17-18th Oct 2018.

Publication of the Month

The reseach work of the month on e-NVH is: A. Andersson, Electric machine control for energy efficient electric drive systems, PhD thesis, Chalmers University, 2018.

In this PhD the effect of some PWM modulation techniques such as Space Vector Modulation (SVM), Discontinuous Pulse Width Modulation (DPWM) or Randomized Pulse Width Modulation (RPWM) on electric drive efficiency and sound quality is studied.

Very few works include psychoacoustic studies on electric powertrains with subjective annoyance tests. This work shows in particular that spreading the spectrum of SVM using random switching does not necessarily improve the perceived annoyance of the electric motor.

MANATEE software can also be used to study the vibro-acoustic effect of different PWM strategies. Third party sound quality software can then be used to calculate psychoacoustic metrics on the sound file generated by MANATEE (see our article presented at CFA 2018 on sound quality optimization of electric powertrains).

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