April 2020 Newsletter: PWM noise synthesis, noise map, open source software, webinars

MANATEE software news

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Acoustic noise due to PWM-induced forces can be quickly asserted using MANATEE software by means of Load Extrapolation Algorithm (LEA) which now accounts for advanced PWM strategies. The figure below shows the effect of asynchronous sine PWM with variable switching frequency in function of speed:

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Maximum Torque Per Ampere (MTPA) control strategy is now computed efficiently using Flux Look-Up Table (FLUT) function of Id and Iq, as illustrated in the figure below This enables to compute the Sound Power Level (SWL) in the full torque-speed plane or only following maximum torque-speed curve using the fast Load Interpolation Algorithm (LIA).

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Open source software made by EOMYS

EOMYS is proud to actively contribute to three different opensource software projects developed under Python scientific language – a further step towards reproducible science, an important value for our team of R&D engineers.

All these projects can be accessed on our Github account.

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New research project from September 2020

Sijie Ni has recently joined EOMYS for his Master’s Thesis focusing of PWM noise. He will pursue his studies with a PhD in Electrical Engineering starting from September 2020 on the reduction of slotting and switching magnetic noise using passive winding techniques in collaboration with the LSEE Laboratory of Bethune.

Social network and e-NVH training

Currently, numerous contacts and the providing of technical and scientific information are done via the Internet and social networks. For this reason, we will not give you here the latest news about upcoming conferences, but where EOMYS can be digitally found.

First, our LinkedIn company page is constantly updated and the freshest MANATEE software developments and evolutions, our latest R&D results and other company details are shared with our followers.

Stay up to date and follow us as well.

Secondly, our e-NVH & MANATEE software webinars are a great success. 5 of 8 webinars will still be held in the next weeks, you can have a look and register here.

Due to the current complex situation, our e-NVH training planned for May 2020, unfortunately, had to be cancelled. We would be very pleased to welcome you at the next date on September 15-17. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

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