April 2018: Pyleecan open source project, magnetic load vector

Pyleecan project

EOMYS is starting the first open-source development project for the electromagnetic design optimization of electrical machines named Pyleecan – PYthon Library for Electrical Engineering Computational ANalysis.

Pyleecan project logo
Pyleecan project logo

Pyleecan aims at providing a unified objected-oriented framework for the multiphysic modeling and simulation of electrical machines and drives. The first version of the software will be released before the International Conference on Electrical Machines held in September 2018.

If you are interested in participating to the Pyleecan project or if you want to follow its development you can subscribe to its dedicated newsletter. More details on Pyleecan project can also be found in our article submitted to ICEM18:

Pyleecan: an open-source Python object-oriented software for the multiphysic design optimization of electrical machines
Pyleecan: an open-source Python object-oriented software for the multiphysic design optimization of electrical machines

Ongoing MANATEE developments

MANATEE (Magnetic Acoustic Noise Analysis Tool for Electrical Engineering) software logo

The following features are being developed in MANATEE simulation software specialized in the fast calculation, analysis and reduction of noise and vibrations due to magnetic forces in electric motors:

  • extension of find_harmonic functions to SCIM to automatically find the permeance / mmf harmonics that can be the cause of a given force/vibration/noise harmonic
  • a new slot shape has been added
    Slot 16 Schematics
    Slot 16 Schematics

Conferences and Events

The presentation of EOMYS made in collaboration with GENESIS at French Congress on Acoustics on sound quality optimization of electric powertrains is now available in the publication section, including sound files.

The technical workshop organized by EOMYS in Darmstadt on the vibroacoustic design of electrical machines using MANATEE is also available in the conference section.

Publication of the Month

The publication work of the month is:

S. Wang, J. Hong, Y. Sun, J. Shen, H. Cao and Z. Yang, "Analysis and experimental verification of electromagnetic vibration mode of PM brush DC motors," in IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion.

This work aims at characterizing the acoustic noise and vibrations of a DC brushed motor due to magnetic forces. Using experiments and simulation under Ansys, it shows how slot/pole interaction can lead to significant vibration and noise in open circuit due to the resonance of the stator elliptical mode m=2 with magnetic forces of wavenumber r=2.

MANATEE software can be used to run this type of vibration analysis more efficiencly than using fully numerical workflows. The noise troubleshooting tools offered by MANATEE helps understanding the root cause of acoustic noise to implement noise mitigation actions.

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