April 2017: Axial eccentricity, Import/Export tools, JISFA

MANATEE new features

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Our team is working on the next MANATEE release (1.06.03). It will include the following new features:

  • Axial eccentricity (also called diagonal or conical eccentricity) effects can now be modelled using permeance / mmf model. This induction machine tutorial has been updated with axial eccentricity. The calculation of magnetic forces has also been extended to magnetic moments in the the post-processing.
  • The effect of changing the yoke on acoustic noise and vibration due to magnetic forces can now be automatically studied using a built-in command.
  • Modelling of flux concentration lamination shapes for use in permeance / mmf models, subdomain models and FEMM.
  • The effect of pole displacement and demagnetization is now included in the SPMSM tutorial (can already be used in MANATEE 1.06.02).
  • Three new slot types have been added 14, 27, 28.
    3 new slot types in MANATEE
    3 new slot types in MANATEE

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MANATEE import/export tools

The main inputs / outputs of MANATEE elementary electrical, electromagnetic, and vibroacoustic modules can be easily imported / exported. For instance, MANATEE powerful post-processings can be applied to any external electromagnetic field data provided in a simple Excel sheet. One can also enforce the magnetic forces to be used in the structural model, or import Frequency Response Functions obtained separately with Altair OptiStruct® or any other structural finite element tool.


EOMYS will make a presentation on electromagnetic acoustic noise in rotating machines at JISFA (Industrial Days of the French Acoustic Society) at CETIM the 31st of May and 1st of June 2017.


Publication of the Month

B. Hannon, P. Sergeant and L. Dupré, "Time- and Spatial-Harmonic Content in Synchronous Electrical Machines," in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol. 53, no. 3, pp. 1-11, March 2017.

In this publication the space and time harmonic content of flux density is analytically derived for any winding type obtained with the star of slot method.
This general work allows to derive the general expressions of magnetic forces and how the presence of subharmonics in stator mmf can create low wavenumbers in magnetic forces, resulting in large vibration and noise.
MANATEE electromagnetic models (permeance / mmf with winding functions, subdomain models, and FEMM) can already account for any winding type, even windings that are not generated with the star of slot method. MANATEE can also import winding schemes obtained with Koil software. However, MANATEE also uses analytical expressions of flux density harmonics to speed up calculation times, and to automatically identify the analytical expressions of force harmonics and help finding the root cause of noise and vibration.

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