Manatee V2.1 webinar (June 21)

EOMYS presents the latest version of Manatee software, V2.1, during a short free webinar on July 8. Although this new version focuses on mechanical engineering, keep in mind that Manatee software is made for all engineers involved in NVH design of an electrical system. For this reason, Manatee includes predefined workflows covering all design stages.

During the webinar, EOMYS Engineering will present the new features aimed at mechanical engineering. A demonstration of Manatee on a complex mechanical model will be performed including eccentricity fault. Manatee V2.1 also includes new interesting features for electrical engineering such as torque-speed map.

Free introductory webinar Manatee software V2.1 on JULY 8 (Europe/Asia time zones)
9:00 AM Central European Summer Time
12:30 PM India Standard Time
3:00 PM China Time
4:00 Japan Time

Free introductory webinar Manatee software V2.1 on JULY 8 (Europe/Americas EDT)
4:00 PM Central European Summer Time
10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Manatee Roadmap
Manatee Roadmap

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