Manatee V2.1 webinar (July 21)

The new version of Manatee software, specialized in assessing electromagnetic noise and vibrations throughout the electrical system development lifecycle, has been demonstrated in a webinar on July 8. The replay is accessible on our Youtube channel.

Some features developed for mechanical engineers such as modal basis import from a 3D FEA mechanical model or modelling of mechanical tolerances in electrical machines have been shown, applied on a 12s10p PMSM coming from EOMYS open e-NVH testbed (link in the comments).

Contrary to general-purpose multiphysics CAE software, Manatee specialized software performs quick and accurate simulations of electric motor noise. A simulation can be set up and run in less than one minute, including all relevant visualizations. Besides predefined simulation workflows, Manatee offers unique root-cause analysis tools and built-in noise control techniques.

The presentation used by Jean LE BESNERAIS can be accessed here:

Manatee V2.1 webinar presentation support July 21
Manatee V2.1 webinar presentation support July 21

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