MANATEE v1.09.01 release (6th March 2020)

MANATEE software new version 2.0
MANATEE software new version 2.0

EOMYS has released MANATEE software v1.09.01 specialized in the vibroacoustic design optimization of electrical machines (e-NVH for automotive applications). Main new features include:

  • quicker variable speed NVH calculation based on Load Interpolation Algorithm and Flux Look Up Tables (FLUT) concept as a function of speed
  • improvement of FRF loading / saving performances, and extension to longitudinal magnetic force wavenumbers induced by skewing
  • improvement of early design harmonic analysis tools, including Campbell diagram
  • additional graphical post processing, including load case contribution for transfer path analysis and FRF visualization
  • proprietary graphical chart designed by EOMYS with new spectrogram colours

For more information see our v1.09.01 detailed feature list.

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