MANATEE software new version 2.0 (Oct 2020)

EOMYS is intensively working on a brand-new version of MANATEE software v2.0.
Being a singular dedicated e-NVH software, MANATEE v2.0 is currently under development with Python using a powerful Object-Oriented Programming approach. Compared to previous versions, MANATEE v2.0 does not require Matlab. The new implementation in Python also optimizes calculation and projection of magnetic forces in terms of calculation time and accuracy.
A fully new graphic user interface will be proposed as well.
A lot of work has been done to make it more intuitive and user friendly.
e-NVH customer consulting support, that is much more than a simple IT-support as it can be used either for special advice on the NVH design of e-motors or for customized software development is still included in all our leasing offers.

The release is planned for beginning 2021.

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