ITEC 2021 (June 21)

Jean LE BESNERAIS will participate in the ITEC 2021, conference held online from June 21-25, with a 2h30 course entitled "e-NVH of Electric Traction Motors: Focus on Physics of Noise and Vibration Due to Magnetic Forces." The pre-recorded course will be shown on 22 June from 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT, followed by a live Q/A session (30min via Zoom). You have to be registered for the conference if you would like to access the course. Registered participants can already watch the content of the course, available on the ITEC2021 platform. Some time after the conference, we will be able to publish the course on our website as well.

The abstract can be downloaded here:

Jean Le Besnerais ITEC 2021 Abstract and biographie

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