DOC’Force Award 2020 (Dec 20)

R&D and software engineer Emile Devillers (Ph.D.Eng.) of EOMYS Engineering was elected winner of the DOC’Force Award at the Force Award Ceremony for Responsible Innovation held on December 3, organized every year by the French organization Hauts-de-France Innovation Développement.

This prize honours his research and development work in the context of his thesis, which was carried out in collaboration with EOMYS and the laboratories L2EP of the University of Lille and LSEE of the University of Artois.

The prize-winning thesis focused on "The development of a rapid model for the simulation of electric motor noise, and the design of an open data test bench for experimental validation".

Emile Devillers, Ph.D. Eng., presents his R&D work for EOMYS in this subtitled video. An article presenting the thesis is available at the EOMYS website.

The models developed within the context of the thesis have been integrated into our MANATEE software and are used by our customers all over the world in their daily work processes.

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