COMPUMAG19: New research work presented by EOMYS (31/07/19)

2 weeks ago, EOMYS presented our newest research work about the computation of magnetic forces for the e-NVH study of electrical machines during the conference Compumag 2019 held in Paris.

Challenging and enriching exchanges during this meeting!

The digest and the poster are available here: Raphaël Pile, Yvonnick Le Menach, Jean Le Besnerais, and Guillaume Parent. "Study of the combined effects of the air-gap transfer for Maxwell Tensor and the tooth mechanical modulation in electrical machines". COMPUMAG 2019.

COMPUMAG19 : New research work presented by EOMYS
Raphaël Pile (PhD student at EOMYS Engineering) presenting his last research work at Compumag 2019

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