Certification QUALIOPI (Jan 21)

This quality certification was delivered for the following category: TRAINING ACTIONS.
QUALIOPI is a quality guarantee label for training providers contributing to the skills development, granted by the French government.

EOMYS offers a complete online training program on acoustic noise and vibrations due to electromagnetic forces in electrical machines (also called e-NVH in EV / HEV NVH automotive applications) provided by EOMYS e-NVH engineers.

To access our training offer, please visit our dedicated training website.

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  • ITEC 2021 (June 21)
    Jean LE BESNERAIS will participate in the ITEC 2021, conference held online from June 21-25, with a 2h30 course entitled "e-NVH of Electric Traction Motors: Focus on Physics of Noise and Vibration Due to Magnetic Forces." The pre-recorded course  (...)
  • Manatee V2.1 webinar (June 21)
    EOMYS presents the latest version of Manatee software, V2.1, during a short free webinar on July 8. Although this new version focuses on mechanical engineering, keep in mind that Manatee software is made for all engineers involved in NVH design  (...)