Are you at the top in terms of e-NVH? (18.07.19)

Are you at the top in terms of e-NVH ?

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10-12 SEPT 2019
E-NVH: Acoustic noise and vibrations due to electromagnetic forces in electrical machines

  • The e-NVH technical training is made for both electrical engineers who want to tackle noise issues in early electromagnetic design stage, and NVH test engineers who want to understand better the physics of e-NVH and learn how to analyze NVH test data for noise troubleshooting. You can book the complete 3-day training or just attend to 1 or 2 days, according to your availability and your own technical needs.

13 SEPT 2019
Analysis and reduction of electromagnetic noise and vibration using MANATEE® e-NVH simulation software

  • This one day training on MANATEE® e-NVH simulation software is made for electrical engineers who want to check the vibroacoustic behavior of their electrical machine, identify magnetic forces responsible for noise and vibrations and start implementing noise reduction action under MANATEE® software. This training can be done independently from registration to e-NVH trainings, but some preliminary knowledge of magnetic noise and vibrations is highly recommended.

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