30.06.17 EOMYS invited to PSA event Digital 2025

EOMYS was invited by PSA as an expert in electrical powertrain NVH to take part in their Digital 2025 seminar. This seminar aimed at defining the next challenges of the numerical simulation of electrified cars, and build some R&D consortia with laboratories and SMEs.

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  • Certification QUALIOPI (Jan 2021)
    EOMYS has been CERTIFIED QUALIOPI. This quality certification was delivered for the following category: TRAINING ACTIONS. QUALIOPI is a quality guarantee label for training providers contributing to the skills development, granted by the French  (...)
  • DOC’Force Award 2020 (Dec 2020)
    R&D and software engineer Emile Devillers (Ph.D.Eng.) held on December 3, organized every year by the French organization Hauts-de-France Innovation Développement.
    This prize honours his research and development work in the context of his thesis,  (...)