12.07.16 Python, EuroScipy and Scientific software development

As you may know EOMYS is currently working on migrating MANATEE from Matlab to Python (this new MANATEE will be named "pyManatee"), mainly to be able to define and post-process MANATEE simulations within a built-in GUI without the Matlab limitation. The current machine setup GUI (currently in beta testing and soon deployed with the 1.06.01 release of MANATEE) is in fact developed in Python and will be used in pyManatee with few changes.

To keep up to date to the latest trends in scientific software development, EOMYS will attend the EuroScipy conference in Erlangen. The EuroSciPy meeting is a cross-disciplinary meeting focused on the use and development of Python language in scientific research. We will be able to discuss our way of optimizing computation, organizing results, analyzing data... with other scientists in various application domains and physics.

We have chosen Python because of the active scientific community using and improving this language every day. Moreover, Python will allow us to optimize further our code for even better performance (with Cython for instance for the most critical computation). We also take the opportunity to reorganize completely our code in an object oriented approach to improve MANATEE readability and development efficiency.

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