06.01.17 Webinars: NVH due to magnetic forces & MANATEE

EOMYS organizes 3 sessions of a webinar entitled "Noise and vibration due to magnetic forces in electrical machines - simulation with MANATEE software" on Wednesday 15th February at 10.30 AM (GMT+1), Wednesday 22nd February at 9 AM (GMT+1) and Thursday 23rd February at 5 PM (GMT+1).

The webinar is organized in two parts: the first one deals with magnetic noise and vibrations analysis and mitigation in electrical machines, the second one is a demonstration of MANATEE electromagnetic and vibroacoustic simulation software. They last 45 minutes including 15 minutes at the end to answer questions.

To attend the webinar you can subscribe through our website. You can also directly access the webinar with the corresponding links.

Feel free to suggest a specific topic to discuss during the webinar when subscribing.

UPDATE: The video recordings of the webinar are now available.

MANATEE screenshot

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