EOMYS can use several commercial finite element software (e.g. Flux, Opera, Maxwell, Ansys) if required by the customer. More than an experience in a particular simulation environment, EOMYS relies on its numerical problem set-up and solving methodology, and on the application of physical sense during the interpretation of results.

For numerical calculations and post processings, EOMYS mainly uses Matlab and Python languages. MathWorks Partner EOMYS has been accepted in the MathWorks Connections Program, which recognizes the company ability to provide engineering consultancy services based on MATLAB products.

In some cases, EOMYS favours the use of open-source software (e.g. FEMM, GetDP, OpenFoam, Modelica) for their flexibility that is adapted to unconventional problem solving.

EOMYS also develops its own simulation software as a support for its engineering consultancy activities. As an example, EOMYS has internally developed a code called MANATEE for the analysis of noise and vibrations due to electromagnetic forces in electrical machines.

EOMYS also use dedicated software like Github or Jenkins to improve its software development process.

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  • Processes
    EOMYS uses the following workflow when providing engineering consultancy and research services: First contact: the Customer informs EOMYS about his issue: «I don’t understand why my system behaves this way», «I want to minimize such attribute of my  (...)
  • Privacy
    EOMYS knows how strategic R&D activities can be.
    A Non Disclosure Agreement can be signed at an early stage of the project in order to be able to quickly exchange detailed technical data and precisely define the scope of the study. EOMYS can  (...)