Vision & values

EOMYS aims at representing a new model of engineering consultancy:

  • a structure dedicated to applied research outsourcing, overcoming the oppositions between practice and theory, short-term and long-term thinking, analytical and numerical methodologies;
  • a structure that accelerates knowledge transfers and concept developments with a deep-rooted culture of innovation;
  • a structure with an open-minded, holistic and multidisciplinary approach of engineering, whose development is based on a strong partnership spirit at a national and international scale.

The values of the company are detailed in a Company Chart. The main values are here summarized:

  • high standards and integrity: EOMYS works with professionalism, impartially and confidentially. EOMYS offers a reliable outside view on the technical problems that are assigned to her. A special care is taken for the quality of technical documentation, data security and intellectual property protection.
  • open-mindedness and creativity: EOMYS R&D Engineers have complementary skills and personalities, and know how to think out of the box during ideation processes. This speeds up problem solving and allows to obtain highly innovative concepts.
  • dynamism and pragmatism: EOMYS is responsive, flexible, and proactive. Based on its industrial experience and its "hands-on" philosophy, EOMYS delivers some practical solutions that fit its client’s need, in particular regarding cost-effectiveness and industrialization.
  • respect and humility: EOMYS favors the development of sustainable technological solutions, respecting human and environment. EOMYS employees are conscious of their knowledge limits, and know how to progress with doubt rather than with certainty.

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