Part-time work for ecological, social and solidarity purposes

As part of its CSR approach, EOMYS has identified the importance of taking time.

Devoting more time to the energy renovation of our home, to the cultivation of our own vegetable garden, to the accompaniment of a loved one at the end of his or her life, to the education of our children, or to an association for repairing objects: these are all examples of how part-time work can help us to achieve a better balance between our professional and personal lives, and at the same time to move towards a more stable, sustainable and united society. The ecological revolution requires a revolution of time.

A model of a part-time employment contract for ecological, social and solidarity purposes has therefore been established in collaboration with the social service of the CINOV Federation. It allows EOMYS to offer engineers a part-time job of 80% (4 days of work out of 5) by signing a commitment agreement.

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