EOMYS ENGINEERING was created in 2013 by Jean LE BESNERAIS.

After a M.Sc. specialized in Applied Mathematics (Ecole Centrale Paris), J. LE BESNERAIS made an industrial PhD thesis in Electrical Engineering at the L2EP laboratory of the Ecole Centrale de Lille, North of France, on the reduction of electromagnetically-excited noise and vibrations in traction electric machines with ALSTOM Transport. After four years in the railway industry, he worked three years in the wind industry at SIEMENS Wind Power in Denmark on 3 to 6MW direct drive turbines (generator cooling, acoustic noise and vibrations, electromagnetic design optimization) and at NENUPHAR Wind in France on 2MW floating vertical-axis wind turbines (aerodynamics and aeroelasticity).

EOMYS is the name of a European extinct flying squirrel species – a hybrid animal at ease with both earth and air, similarly to the company’s structure that lies between an engineering consultancy company and an applied research laboratory.

EOMYS embodies a global approach of engineering, both pragmatic and creative, paying close attention to latest industrial needs and university works, able to provide modeling services as well as experimental measurement services – two activities that are necessary in most research and development projects.

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