What is the slot/pole combination of main EV/HEV e-powertrains?

Application to e-NVH

The slot/pole combination and e-motor topology (induction machine Vs synchronous machine, radial Vs axial flux, internal Vs external rotor) determine the characteristic spectra of slotting magnetic forces responsible for part of electromagnetic noise and vibrations.


Using sound and vibration measurements or scientific publications, EOMYS is updating on this webpage a list of some traction motor slot/pole combinations used in commercial EV/HEV automotive applications.

Notation 36s28r6p means 48 stator slots, 28 rotor slots (if applicable), and 6 poles (p=3 pole pairs). All topologies are radial flux machines with internal rotor (for now).

If you know about some more numbers to be added in this table, please send us the information using the contact page.

EV/HEV electric traction motor characteristics
Brand Model Type Slot/pole Skew Phase number
Audi e-Tron 55 quattro SCIM 48s58r4p ? 3
BMW i3 IPMSM 72s12p no 3
BMW ix3 WRSM 54s6p no 3
GM ChevyBolt IPMSM 72s12p 2-step rotor linear skew 3
Honda Accord SPMSM 24s16p no 3
Hyundai Ionic IPMSM 48s8p ? 3
Jaguar i-Pace EV400 S IPMSM 48s8p ? 3
Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC SCIM ? ? 3
Mercedes EQS IPMSM 48s8p ? 3
Mitsubishi Outlander IPMSM ? ? 2x3 ?
Nissan Leaf IPMSM 48s8p 2-step rotor linear skew 3
Opel Ampera IPMSM 72s12p 2-step rotor linear skew 3
Porsche Taycan IPMSM 48s8p ? 3
Renault Twizy SCIM 36s48r4p ? 3
Renault Zoe WRSM 48s8p no 3
Smart ForTwo PMSM 36s12p ? 3
Tesla S SCIM 60s74r4p ? 3
Tesla 3 SCIM (rear) 60s74r4p ? 3
Tesla 3 IPMSM (front) 54s6p 4-step rotor V-skew 3
Tesla X SCIM 60s74r4p ? 3
Tesla Y IPMSM 54s6p ? 3
Toyota Prius 2004 IPMSM 48s8p no 3
VW e-up IPMSM 60s? ? 3
VW ID4 IPMSM 48s8p 4-step rotor linear skew 3

If you look for more precise geometries, some of these electrical machines may have been modelled within Pyleecan open-source electromagnetic software.

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