July 2017: MANATEE new features, Noise Maps and Upcoming Events

MANATEE new features

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Our team is currently working on the next MANATEE release which will include these new features:

  • Automated calculation of noise maps
  • Revision of the structural mechanical model input parameters to ease the definition of the different workflows (use of different structural FEA external software and different electromagnetic vibration synthesis techniques)
  • Spectrogram synthesization algorithm improved for PMSM at partial load
  • Gradation of console messages in different colors for infos, warnings and errors

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Noise Maps Visualization

Similarly to efficiency maps used in traction applications and more especially for electrical cars, MANATEE allows to quickly calculate Noise Maps: electromagnetic acoustic noise due to radial and tangential Maxwell forces for different current angle and current values. The following noise map has been calculated in less than 30 seconds using semi-analytical subdomain and vibroacoustic models.

Noise map of a 48s8p IPMSM traction machine
Noise map of a 48s8p IPMSM traction machine

Conferences and Events

EOMYS organizes a one-day seminar entitled Electromagnetic acoustic noise and vibrations in automotive electrical traction chains on the 22nd September 2017 in Paris, France, with the industrial clusters MOVEO and MEDEE. This event is held in French but the seminar slides will be in English. You can register for this event on MOVEO’s website.

Seminar on electromagnetic NVH in electric traction chains 22/09/17
Seminar on electromagnetic NVH in electric traction chains 22/09/17

EOMYS attended to the 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV24) and presented a paper on the validation of MANATEE analytic structural model with FEA.

ICSV 24 & ECCE 2017

A co-publication with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has been written following the 2017 ECCE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition on the vibration behaviour of a hydrogenerator under the high frequency excitation of PWM.

EOMYS will attend to EuroSciPy annual conference held in Erlangen, Germany from August 28th to September 1st. EOMYS attends every year to EuroSciPy conference to follow the latest developments of the Python scientific community and improve the development of the Python 3.x version of MANATEE.

Publication of the Month

The publication work of the month is:

W. Liang, P. C. K. Luk and W. Fei, Analytical Investigation of Sideband Electromagnetic Vibration in Integral-Slot PMSM Drive With SVPWM Technique in IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol. 32, no. 6, June 2017.

In this publication, the vibrations due to the interaction of PM harmonic fields and PWM armature harmonic fields are analyzed. An analytical model is developed to calculate the vibrations resulting from radial harmonic forces. Comparison with experiments are very good and show that a full analytical approach can give accurate results. This particular work does not include the effect of tangential forces, the validation is carried on a motor where no significant resonance occurs and there is no model for acoustic noise.

This type of analysis can easily be carried within the MANATEE simulation environment, including the effect of tangential forces and the calculation of acoustic noise. The use of semi-analytical models allow to account for high frequency Pulse Width Modulation effects while keeping very short simulation times (a few seconds of calculation). PWM can induce additional vibration and acoustic noise with sidebands close to multiples of the switching frequency and not only when considering the particular interactions between rotor harmonic field and stator harmonic fields. At variable speed these "slotting PWM" effect can give excitations with frequencies much smaller than the switching frequency, making the choice of the switching frequency more important.

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