Based in Lille (North of France) EOMYS Engineering is a team of multidisciplinary engineers offering high quality engineering and R&D services supporting the development of innovative electrical systems. EOMYS technical team includes electrical, mechanical, acoustic & test engineers as well as R&D software engineers.

Manatee software

EOMYS develops Manatee software, the only virtual prototyping environment specialized on the assessment and control of magnetic noise and vibrations in electrical systems (e-NVH). Manatee accelerates the development of electrical machines by combining multiphysic simulation templates, fast and accurate models adapted to every development lifecycle stage, root cause analysis tools for quicker interpretations, and predefined noise mitigation techniques. Manatee user-friendly GUI allows a smooth collaboration between electrical, mechanical, acoustic and test engineers involved in the development of electrical systems.

Consulting services

EOMYS provides consulting services combining modelling, simulation, optimization and customized software development services. EOMYS can carry design optimization of electrical machines including electromagnetic, heat transfer and NVH analysis. EOMYS can be involved at basic design stage of e-motors, or after prototyping to troubleshoot e-NVH issues by combining measurements and simulations.

Training services

EOMYS provides complete technical trainings on electrical machines and magnetic noise and vibrations. Standard online training as well as in-person customized workshops are proposed.

Testing services

EOMYS provides multiphysic testing services of electrical machines focusing on noise, vibration & efficiency performances.

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